About Back in Time Rare Books

Back in Time Rare Books is the home of Mike Cotter and his traveling band of misfit books! Mike, formerly of Yeoman’s in the Fork Rare Books, has been in the rare books business in some form or fashion for nearly a decade and a half. The older he gets, the more his collection starts to resemble his bedroom at the age of 10. The stock at Back in Time is officially classified as “General Antiquarian”, but the truth of the matter is that the stock is a smattering of historical pieces that have found their way beyond the gates of Endor. You see, Mike has two great loves in his professional life – American History & Pop Culture of the late 20th Century. While Harry & the Henderson’s, Max Headroom and Jurassic Park may be the Goondocks that Mike always dreamed of, he would never shy away from a first edition copy of The Whale by Melville or a letter signed by Charles Carroll of Carrollton. Always remember, Indiana Jones might have been after the Golden Idol, but he didn’t pass up the chance to score other pieces worth the price of the ticket to Marrakesh!